Morrissey, My Heart Cat



I remember coming across the term “heart cat” several years ago and thought it was a particularly nice way to describe a very special cat. I just Googled the term and came across this blog post. It’s a good description of the connection cat people often feel with a particular cat.

Morrissey is my heart cat. I love all of our current cats and all of the Rainbow Bridge cats who have ever owned me, but this cat is an angel on earth. Mujeeb thinks he’s a person and is in love with me. I know that I am utterly in love with him.

When I moved to Irving, Texas in June 2005 after graduating from Pitt Law, we already had two cats, the late brothers Montana and Simba. The last thing on my mind was getting another cat. My sister Sue was in town visiting after attending my graduation and helping me move to Texas, and one Friday she and I went to Irving Mall, not a place I ever frequented, to go to Old Navy. I impulsively said, “Let’s go look at the cats!” We headed over to PetSmart. A local rescue group called HART (Humane Animal Rescue Team) was there for an adoption weekend. We approached the condos, and a beautiful flame point Siamese in the upper right hand condo was sitting at the front, while all of the other cats were sleeping or hiding. His bright blue eyes met mine, and a drowsy half-smile seemed to cross his lips. His name was Bode (pronounced “Bo-dee”).

It took about 1/10th of a second to fall head over heels in love. At the time I was unaware of the flame point coloration and had to go to the Google. I made inquiries and found that Bode was a 1-year-old neutered male who had been surrendered because his person could no longer take care of him.

I wanted to take him home right then and there, but knew I should ask Mujeeb first. Sue and I went home, and while we were all taking a walk around the neighborhood I broached the subject. At first Mujeeb resisted. “We already have two cats! We don’t need another!” I said, “He is PRECIOUS and must be ours!” I finally wore him down, and Sue and I returned to PetSmart the next day. Fortunately, Bode was still there, and I filled out the adoption application and paid the fee. A volunteer exclaimed happily, “Bode’s adopted! Bode’s adopted!”

Bode purred during the short car ride home. I wanted to change his name and was thinking of the names Morrissey and Hornsby, two singers I love, and when I said “Morrissey” he meowed, so we decided that he would be Morrissey! Mujeeb fell in love immediately, as I knew he would, and Morrissey has been our darling ever since.

Morrissey loves being with us. Every night he’s curled up next to one of us on the bed (usually me), and he loves to sit with us as we watch TV. When I’m in the bathroom, he’s there. When I’m seated in the bathroom, if you catch my drift, he’s on my lap. As a Siamese, he’s quite talkative, and he has a special meow when he’s happiest (usually on my lap in the bathroom). We call it “happiness setting maximum!” He loves paper wads and will fetch them and bring them back to be thrown again. He also loves wand toys. His favorite thing is a ring with a ball in it which he can bat around. He then comes up for approval, then goes back, then repeats several times. When he’s feeling extra affectionate, he will hold our hands down with his paw when we try to remove them. He loves to make biscuits, too.

I can’t adequately describe how special Morrissey is. I can read his moods more easily than those of any other cat I’ve ever had. He sits and gazes at me and blinks his love, and I make sure to blink back. Occasionally the same half-smile will cross his face as he drowsily gazes at me. I always tell him we have such a strong bond that nothing can break.

He is a once in a lifetime cat. He is my heart cat. I hope that you, too, will find your heart cat and know such deep love.