Everything is Messy

It’s been a bad couple of weeks in my household.

  1. Last Wednesday morning I slammed my finger in a silverware drawer. That evening a yellow jacket stung me on the very same finger.
  2. We’ve lost three fish from our 10-gallon tank in the last two weeks. Two sterbai corydora have died, including one today, and I found a cardinal tetra belly up yesterday when I got home from work. On advice from the aquarium store, I had just purchased some tetracycline and added it to the tank shortly before the cory died today. It had red spots on it and had grown very pale. The cory who died several days ago looked the same. I’ve been doing weekly 25-30% water changes and changed the water yesterday after finding the dead tetra, and when I had the water tested a couple of weeks ago was told that the water parameters were “perfect.” The store told me to add another packet of antibiotics to the water tomorrow, then do a water change the next day. This will hopefully kill off any bacteria which are in the tank and keep the other fish from getting sick. All look fine (for now…long may it last).
  3. Sunday morning we found a mystery snail out of the tank. We think Kennedy fished it out and was batting it around. Neither snail had gotten out before, and Kennedy had been hanging around the tank a lot. I’d think if the snail got out on its own it would have stayed on the desk, but it was outside the office (the aquarium is on the office desk). We have a covered tank, but there’s a cutout where the filter hangs over which I’ve been covering with a washcloth. I ordered some mesh to cut to size and cover that cutout.
  4. Cats are constantly barfing. Morrissey has been barfing almost every day, and Salvador just ate and then promptly barfed up his food. Most of the barfs are in difficult-to-access places scattered over a wide area, making them hard to clean.
  5. My allergies are horrible, and my allergy medicine doesn’t make me drowsy, but it kind of makes me feel subdued and not myself.
  6. I’m taking mediation training for a local mediation group and feel quite idiotic. There are 12 people in training, 7 of whom are attorneys (including myself, though I’m not practicing). I enjoy working with the non-attorneys, who are very earnest without being self-important. The attorneys spend lots of valuable time debating what the meaning of a word is (“but” or “and”) and seem to feel somewhat superior and, as I said, self-important. I am an introvert who doesn’t feel the need to yap all the time, and many of them want to do all of the talking when we’re co-mediating, which I find off-putting when I have something to say. I don’t like it when they go ahead and say what I’m just opening my mouth to say. I’m enjoying the training, but look forward to finishing and getting away from them.
  7. I now weigh more than I’ve ever weighed in my life and feel like a beached whale. I loathe looking in the mirror. All I see are quintuple chins, a huge belly (I was actually asked when I was due by a woman in a wheelchair at Costco several weeks ago) and a fat ass. I don’t think I’m eating that much more junk than I have always done. It’s like my metabolism has slammed to a halt. I feel that I hate myself, and I hate that!

Mercury is in retrograde, so I blame that for all of this. I have been wondering if something was afoot, so I Googled it, and sure enough – that’s what’s happening right now! Please make it stop!


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