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I was privileged to attend the local screening of “Nineteen Eighty-Four” at Salem Cinema this evening. I read the book decades ago and want to read it again. John Hurt was perfection as Winston Smith.

Many people connect this book to World War II, as George Orwell wrote it a mere four years after that war ended. But the connections to the von Drumpsterfire administration are chilling.

During the “Two Minutes Hate” scene, I was reminded of rabid Trump supporters at his rallies screaming “Lock her up!” and other epithets maniacally simply because he has brainwashed them – there can be no other explanation. Seeing people be so happy to behave as the powers that be want them to behave is disconcerting. What is even more disconcerting is knowing that half the American population has been brainwashed by “alternative facts.” I long for the days of the news as told straight by Uncle Walter and Dan Rather.

Helicopter pilots peering into your windows and people spying on you through the telescreen seems quaint, but we are being spied upon through more sophisticated means now. I completely forgot that the smart TV in the exercise room is a Samsung – I must remember to keep my comments to myself as I pound the treadmill!

As Winston was being tortured into loving Big Brother (very reminiscent of waterboarding), I was also reminded of the George Dumbass Bush (who looks like an angel now) team saying they were making their own history and that the rest of us would just have to watch what they did.

We may really be at war with Eastasia in the form of North Korea very soon. At least those of us on the Best Coast will die first. Join me in the resistance while you still can!