Turtles Are Cute, But Not This One

I am not a violent person, but seeing Mitch McConnell laughing today on Meet the Press made me want to kick his face off. Chuck Todd asked him about the Gorsuch nomination, and McConnell scoffed at the idea that Republicans were dead wrong to deny Merrick Garland a vote. I am so tired of this “can’t have a vote on a Supreme Court nomination in the middle of an election” LIE. Scalia died in FEBRUARY 2016. The GOP hadn’t completely fallen off the cliff and nominated Connard von Drumpsterfire for five more months, and the election was another four months after that. Chuck Todd asked the Turtle (I do grave injustice to turtles, but that’s what he looks like) why he didn’t just order a “sense of the Senate” finding that there can be no Supreme Court votes in even years. McConnell just smirked and laughed. Just one of the many things that makes me want to start kicking people these days.

Gaze upon his reptilian visage.

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