The Sunniest of Bunnies


This is our Sunny, full name Sunflower, whom we adopted in 2007 in Texas.

After our orange tabby Simba died on July 1, 2007 at age 12, we were devastated. He was a lap sitter extraordinaire and our constant companion. We loved him so much that we hesitated to get another cat (we still had Simba’s brother Monty and Morrissey), but really wanted another orange cat when we were ready. Simba was such a love bug, and we hoped to get another affectionate orange cat.

In September 2007 we were finally ready. We started looking at orange cats on Petfinder. We usually adopt adult cats, but were looking for an orange kitten. Finally we selected a kitten named Weasley, available from a private rescue in Grapevine, Texas, near our home in Irving. Of all the orange kittens then available, something about him just jumped out at us. Mujeeb chose his name: Sunflower, for Kansas, and we would call him Sunny.

I contacted the rescuer (Joyce) and made arrangements to visit Weasley on October 9, 2007. She had numerous cats in her garage cattery. Weasley was in a kennel with his litter mates and was extremely cute and playful. Joyce told me that he was born to a feral mother on August 1, and his mother had disappeared. She said he was socialized at the vet clinic, where he had to stay for a couple of weeks because of an infection in his paws, and had grown to love people. She cautioned that he had possible ringworm on his face, but the vet wasn’t sure (!)

I took Sunny to a previously scheduled vet appointment so he could be checked out and assessed for ringworm. Our vet was also unsure, but gave me some ointment for a suspicious spot on his face and asked me to keep him isolated for a couple of weeks anyway. I set him up in a guest bedroom and let him settle in, playing some soft classical music for him. Mujeeb came home and was instantly charmed. Sunny loved lying with some Beanie Babies I had – we think it reminded him of being with his siblings.

Once released from solitary confinement, Sunny quickly moved to become the alpha male. We had him neutered in early December at 4 months of age. He grew to be a large cat, weighing in at 15 lbs.

Sunny is a very friendly cat who doesn’t know a stranger. When he meets new people, he rolls onto his back and has his front paws extending one way and his back paws the other way. We call it “showing off.” He loves to sit next to us or on us with his paws touching us. At night he lies in the crook of my right arm and kneads on my armpit (ouch!), purring all the while. He gets a little wild at times and lets us know when he’s had enough petting by biting (but not breaking the skin) or scratching. He does chase Salvador and Cookie Dough, but seems to respect Morrissey because he grew up with him, and seems afraid of Kennedy, who is trying to usurp him as alpha male.

Sunny has lots of nicknames: Sunny, Sunsy Bunsy, Sunnison Bunnison, Sunny Flowers, the Sunniest of Bunnies and the Bunniest of Sunnies…need I go on?

Video from his first day with us (please ignore my ridiculous voice and laugh):