The Height of Laziness

What a productive day it was in the Shad household! I did the following:

  1. Did 3 loads of laundry (by “did” I mean washing and drying; no folding on this day!)
  2. Washed cat bowls
  3. Fed said cats
  4. Fed fish and updated fishkeeping journal
  5. Made 3 cups of tea (2 for Mujeeb, 1 for me)
  6. Ate several things
  7. Watched part of the Giants-As game
  8. Watched part of the Oregon-NC game
  9. Ran the dishwasher
  10. Laid out the month of April in my bullet journal
  11. Watched a lot of MSNBC
  12. Watched several episodes each of “Miranda” and “The Path” on Hulu
  13. Watched figure skating

At least Mujeeb got out of the house to get a haircut and shop at the hated Walmart (I am a hypocrite for eating the popsicles he buys there).

What will tomorrow bring? I can already predict:

  1. Make 3-4 cups of tea
  2. Watch a lot of MSNBC
  3. Watch the Giants-Diamondbacks (Opening Day!)
  4. Do an aquarium water change
  5. Wash my hair
  6. Fold laundry
  7. Feed the cats
  8. Maybe walk on the treadmill and if I do I will watch more “Miranda”
  9. Say I need to get to bed early and end up falling asleep at midnight

“Laziness is the first step towards efficiency.” (Patrick Bennett)