Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

So Flynnie Flynn Flynn is offering to testify for immunity. Yes, innocent people do request immunity, but in this case, I think we can safely assume that Mikey has some shit to reveal on Connard von Drumpsterfire and all of his SS. Would the House or Senate Intelligence Committees offer it? I think the Senate, at least, would want to go after him. Devin Nunes has made the House’s investigation a joke. The FBI? Possibly. But the federal system doesn’t use transactional (“blanket”) immunity. Would someone offer use or derivative use immunity? That seems more likely.

The title of this post is tongue-in-cheek. I was angered by Flynn’s leading chants of “Lock her up!” about Hillary at the Repuglican convention last year. I want everyone to get a fair trial. I wonder how long Flynn would remain safe if granted immunity for his testimony. Seems so many people with Russian connections meet with unfortunate “accidents” these days.

Stay off of small planes, Mikey.