Can No One Hear My Cries?

I am ready to run amok. I have been threatening to do so for years, but have refrained. Now may be the time. Everywhere I turn I am confronted by political ineptitude at best and malevolence at worst.

Drumpf is breaking everything, EVERYTHING. Destroying the environment, destroying the economy, destroying education, destroying health care, destroying people’s lives, lying, cheating, stealing, grifting, appointing nincompoops to high office…everywhere I turn there is desolation.

I am very grateful that I don’t have kids. I don’t want anyone’s children to have to live in a once beautiful world now destroyed by the sheer evil of the Drumpf maladministration. His kids can live in titanium bunkers, eating from gold plates and shitting on golden toilets. The rest of us will be eating dirt and struggling to breathe.