Wrong Aid

I swear, Rite Aid Pharmacy is on my excrement list lately. I have to take thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. It is not optional; I must take it. I recently established care with a new physician who had just joined the clinic we’ve been using, as our previous physician moved to Texas, of all places (leaving Oregon for Texas is not my idea of moving up in the world).

My doctor has adjusted my dosage twice since I started seeing her (from 75 to 88 mcg and then to 100 mcg). The shenanigans began when Rite Aid kept telling me my refill wasn’t ready when I asked, but they kept trying to refill the 75 and then the 88 mcg when I have been increased to 100 mcg. Now they don’t have my refill ready because they’re “waiting on authorization from my doctor.” That was last Thursday. I promptly called my doctor’s office and was told they would send the authorization right away and to check back with the pharmacy later Thursday afternoon. The next time I called Rite Aid to check I was asked if my doctor was on Skyline Road (the site of her previous clinic). I said no, she’s on River Road now. They said they had contacted her at the Skyline number. I called Rite Aid again Saturday morning, but they said they still don’t have her authorization.

I have TWO levothyroxine left, one for Sunday and one for Monday. I would have three left were it not for a kitten who is being treated for peeing outside the box who peed on one of the tablets the other day. I don’t think I would die if I am without it for a couple of days, but I’m sure I wouldn’t feel very good, and I don’t trust them to straighten out the problem and KEEP IT STRAIGHTENED OUT.

I would say it’s time for a new pharmacy, but it’s convenient and it takes our insurance. You’d think with my husband being an OHSU physician we’d be able to get decent insurance, but it’s next to impossible to find pharmacies and clinics who will accept our insurance.

I blame Trumpcare.