The pResident Sends His Regrets

Well, DAMN. According to The New York Times, poor widdle pResident Drumpf “regrets” working on the health care plan first instead of tax “reform” (AKA more of the same helping the billionaire cronies and screwing the common people). As he said, “Nobody knew how complicated health care is.” Kinda sounds like “Nobody could have anticipated flying planes into buildings” (as they were doing drills about that very same thing the very same day) on 9/11. Drumpf blames Paul Ryan (R-Asshole…but I repeat myself) for the mess the health care shenanigans are causing.

Drumpf is unfit. How many times must I say it? We do not need a businessman in the White House; we need someone who has governmental experience. This foolio isn’t even a good businessman. Bankruptcy after bankruptcy, having work done and not paying workers, etc. etc. etc. It’s mind boggling how anyone can support this creature.

It would be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious. I will reserve my laughter for when this nutjob is dragged out in handcuffs.

I’d cry, too.

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