My fledgling attempt…

Due to the arm-twisting by the matron of Politickat, I am writing my first blog entry – EVAH.

How will it fare?  I know not.  Do I care?  Meh.

The Matron is clever with this new-fangled technology, heck even Donald Trump uses Twitter and I don’t.  I’ve attempted Twitter but I don’t what I’m doing.  That can be said of much of my life – I attempt, but I don’t know what I’m doing.  It kind of goes along with my (now) written-in-stone adage of, “I’ve never been this old before” when attempting to explain to those around me when I stumble and fall, fumble for words, put my pants on backwards or have that dazed and confused look about me.  The follies of old(er) age.

I live with the obligatory two cats and a dog.  Yes, I live with them – they don’t live with me.

Like the Matron, I rant about politics and unfortunately there hasn’t been much lately not to rant about.  I watch the Circus daily and wonder when I can put down my bag of peanuts and cotton candy and return to reality.  I refuse to believe that what I’m seeing now is reality.  ” Please Calgon – take me away”.   Ok. I know you’re much too young to understand that one.   Google it if you want.  Or not.  See – apparently I don’t care.

Books?  An addiction of mine, like socks.  I love books and socks.  I’ll probably talk about books a lot.  Probably socks, too.   Oh – and coffee and wine.

I feel that I’ve satisfied the Matron now.  Maybe?  Time will tell.

See you on the flip side.