Cover Yo Ass

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So let me get this straight. House Personal Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-KissAss) went running to pResident Trump today to warn him of intelligence he allegedly read about alleged surveillance of foreign nationals during the transition. This alleged intelligence may have incidentally picked up conversations by Trump campaign staffers. Nunes thinks the American people might not be comfortable with what he read because he isn’t comfortable with it. He said the alleged surveillance is “perhaps legal.”

Congressman Nunes, I am an American person. I am comfortable with the truth. If the foreign nationals were surveilled, there must have been a FISA warrant based on probable cause. What I am NOT comfortable with, sir, is that you went running to the pResident on your own without telling the Democrats on the committee. What are you trying to hide?

I do wish to thank the Congressman, however, for making it screamingly obvious that an independent committee is required to investigate the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia. If there is evidence of collusion with the Russians to affect our election, that is treason, and the pResident and all others who participated must be impeached. I think many Republicans are probably also involved, and they are running scared and trying to protect themselves. Man and woman up, do your jobs and investigate the trail of evidence no matter where it leads, and put country over party for once in your pathetic lives. If you cannot do that, RESIGN. At the very least, Nunes should be removed as committee chairman, because his conduct is unbecoming.