Sic Transit Gloria Fishie

When I got up this morning I found one of our sterbai corydoras dead in the tank. We have two of them, and both seemed fine yesterday. The dead one was pale and lying on its side. When I fished it out (no pun intended), I noticed it had some reddish streaks on its belly. I think it had red blotch disease. The other cory looks fine (but then I thought that yesterday with the dead one). I do 25-30% water changes every Sunday. I am going to do a 40% water change now.

I started using a new gravel cleaner on Sunday with the latest water change. It has a suction bulb and was fabulous about getting lots of waste out of the tank. Did I remove too much good bacteria? I know not. It could be due to poor water quality, but as I wrote above, I faithfully perform water changes every week.

Poor little cory. If you’re wondering, sterbai corydoras are small catfish (about the size of, say, a middle toe) who are peaceful and help keep the tank clean by bottom feeding. We had two, along with two mystery snails and seven cardinal tetras. All are peaceful and mind their own business.

I will probably get another cory because they are sociable. We have a 10-gallon tank, and I don’t want to overstock it, but will just replace the dead one so his friend will have a friend.

Fare thee well, honorable fishie! It was a pleasure caring for you! You are now free from the Trump Maladministration!