Liveblogging My Brain


I will be live blogging my brain for a few minutes to show you how random it is:

My nose is itching does that mean I’ll have company soon
Mujeeb is eating a broken popsicle but I am too lazy to have to use a bowl so I’m not having one
“Everything you say/just leaves me full of shine”
I really need to have more acupuncture on my elbow because it’s hurting like hell
Did Casey Affleck really deserve the Oscar I remain unconvinced
Ivanka Trump is getting a West Wing office I remember when nepotism was frowned upon
“We are Farmers – bum ba dum bum bum bum bum!”
Wouldn’t it be ironic if toothpaste manufacturers put sugar in toothpaste
I didn’t agree to live in Russia I want to live in the United States
“That’s everything you…say”