Yes We Cat

Welcome to Politickat!

I’ve been thinking about blogging for years, but have been too lazy or believed I had no ideas. With the advent of the Drumpf (or, as I call him, POSUS – Piece of Shit of the United States) administration, I find that my mind and body are full of rage which needs an outlet; itaque ego iratus sum scribere. I’ll be writing about politics, both to vent and to share news.

I’ve been owned by cats since 1987 and am completely obsessed with them. In a room full of people, if there is a cat, I will gravitate to the cat. I left a legal career to work at a humane society because I prefer the company of animals and the people who love them to that of people who behave like animals and the people who hate them. Thus, I’ll be writing about cats a lot. If you’re a dog person, you may want to seek the company of other blogs.

I’ll also write about everyday events, music, baseball, and whatever else strikes my fancy. “I am large; I contain multitudes.”

Comments and contributions are welcome! Please check back daily for new posts!